A fully integrated and collaborative approach to restarting the workplace

Your principal concern is people’s health and well-being. But more data and detailed advice won’t necessarily help you make decisions to restore workplace operations because risk-based decisions, where people’s perception of risk plays a role, are always difficult. Leading Change has combined their strategy execution expertise with Ocean Health, occupational health advisors with unique experience in safety critical environments and Conduit Associates, experts in crisis, risk and reputation communications, to develop the RESTART programme.

RESTART will help businesses develop:

  • Considered, sound and focused outcomes based on better understanding of risk
  • Identify immediate and near-term business priorities and optimise resource allocation
  • Confident and effective decision-making about your return to the workplace in the face of uncertainty
  • Accelerated implementation planning and execution#
  • Reassured, informed and engaged people through timely and relevant communications

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