• Strategy to Action

    Strategy to Action describes the positive processes and behaviours required to develop and deploy strategy; turning your ideas into focused action, and actions into the results you want. Read more …...

    Helping clients to develop and implement strategy more effectively in a fast-changing world. Companies that can turn strategy into purposeful action in a fast-changing world have a built-in competitive advantage. Our solutions incorporate Leadership through Intent™, a mission-based approach building meaningful connection between people, strategy and operations. We work holistically to create clarity about intent, promote alignment and equip organisations with the skills, tools and behaviours necessary to distribute leadership to the lowest appropriate level.


    • Teams engage with the strategic context for their actions and are clear what really matters
    • People are better able to conceive what success looks like
    • Leaders do the right things at the right level
    • Mission-based teams readily form and align across functions and geographies in with clear boundaries for decision-making
    •  People are allowed greater freedom to act and adapt faster as the situation changes
  • Change Leadership

    Highly effective change leaders are those who are able to embrace a dynamic, challenging world and make important thing happen. Read more …...

    Developing differentiated leadership that can perform in today’s business environment. With marginal differences between the strategies of many organisations, the winners have organisational models in which people can give their best and are highly motivated. This requires confident, competent, empathetic and adaptive leaders who embrace the future. We develop leaders to be effective in today’s dynamic business environment; leaders who re-define the future and lead people towards it; leaders who work smarter, rather than harder, building resilient networks necessary to navigate complex environments. We give leaders simple, practical tools and techniques they can use effectively under pressure to lead through intent, accept ambiguity and empower people.


    • Leadership distributed throughout organisations
    • Leaders better able to guide people through organisational uncertainty
    • Leaders with impact who can quickly adapt and champion change
    • Leaders who empower themselves, engage people and make change happen
  • Business Transformation

    Delivering strategic change programmes is tough. Our solutions build resilient and successful delivery teams. Read more ......

    Addressing the tough issues associated with strategic programme delivery Strategic projects usually form the building blocks of a change programme. You can’t afford to lose the value inherent in these programmes, but so often they fail to deliver. Despite extensive investment in project management techniques, many initiatives and cross-functional teams stubbornly refuse to deliver expected results on time or within budget. There are no ‘soft’ issues around strategic change programmes. The toughest issues typically involve clarity, alignment, planning and decision-making, engagement, communication, team dysfunctionality and results management. Leading Change combine extensive knowledge of programme and project management disciplines with the tools and techniques required to build effective programme and project teams.


    • A proven track record in facilitating project team kick-off and performance reviews
    • Improved team dynamics focused on delivery of results
    • Highly experienced team and individual coaching for key project managers
    • Proven approaches to engage ‘virtual’ or remote teams
    • Expertise in change leadership and change communications
    • Experienced advisers on action learning programmes
  • Building Cohesive Teams

    We focus on clarity and positive high performance behaviours to build cohesive high performance teams. Read more …...

    We develop resilient and effective teams with a will to succeed whatever the circumstances

    It takes effort to be great consistently, but all teams can improve their teamwork. Our team development programmes are built around The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® the result of the partnership between Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions and best-selling author Patrick Lencioni. The programme is based around five positive behaviours (Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results) associated with cohesive teams. Read more about the Five Behaviors solution.

    We use simple and intuitive tools to develop the cohesion and performance of functional and cross-functional teams. We have developed engaging approaches combining activity with facilitated discussion, allowing teams to experience high performance. We then empower them to find solutions to the real challenges they face.


    • Teams identify and understand the principles of cohesive team working using The Five Behaviors model
    • Programme backed up by a premiere learning solution to improve team effectiveness and productivity
    • Teams experience and learn from realistic stretching performance challenges
    • Programmes delivered by expert facilitators who understand your business
    • Teams own their action and review programme
  • Executive Coaching

    We help executives maximise their impact and success. Read more …...

    Maximising leader and leadership team impact In today’s business world, executives are under intense pressure to adapt to frequent changes in role and increasingly complex challenges. There’s no time to lose. Organisations need executives fully on board, demonstrating confidence, clarity and leadership impact, then delivering results quickly. We deliver executive coaching as an effective way to support key executives to perform at their best, adapt quickly to the circumstances they face and succeed.


    • A pool of highly experienced coaches with extensive business experience
    • A proven coaching process combining challenge and support to help individual leaders deliver better organisational outcomes
    • Addressing barriers to personal effectiveness, helping people build high performance relationships and increase their personal impact
    • Sustainable outcomes based on an agreed coaching period with the individual taking full ownership of the confidential coaching process
  • Facilitation, Conferencing and Communication

    We deliver high impact meetings and events that engage people and move teams forward. Read more …...

    Delivering powerful events that engage people and move teams forward Great meetings Many leadership teams lack sufficient quality time together to reflect and plan, so every discussion must add value. But too often, operational issues fill agendas and people feel let down by the outcome of critical offsites and meetings. There can be many reasons: meeting planning, meeting management, outcomes not delivered, too much conflict, lack of decisions, unproductive debate… the list goes on. High impact conferences Leading Change are very experienced at building and managing high impact conferences and workshops that have immense power to connect your organisation to the future. We coordinate the activities of in-house staff, production, logistics and events agencies to make conferences memorable while maintaining strong connections to your business objectives. We design workouts, problem solving and team development activities. We build high energy events involving your staff at all stages of design and delivery.


    Great meetings

    • Well planned and facilitated meetings help you to turn ambition into action
    • Great discussions about the things that matter will help you to isolate key issues and reach important decisions
    • Our expertise in planning and facilitating key leadership team meetings will promote healthy conflict and debate to help you reach productive meeting outcomes
    • We deliver clear agendas combined with a relaxed and ‘expert’ facilitation style that balances challenge and support to deliver meaningful discussion

    High impact conferences

    • Rapid engagement and alignment of large groups of people
    • Effective strategic communication that remains connected to business objectives
    • Strategic communication translating your business objectives into clear, simple and impactful messages
    • Fun, challenge and experiential activity (where appropriate)
    • Our conferences connect with people so they leave stimulated, refreshed, informed, consulted and engaged
  • Insights and Analysis

    We use a consultancy-led approach to discover insights before designing strategy execution solutions. Read more …...

    Gaining insights about what’s working and what isn’t before we design the solution We’re consultancy led. We take time to probe, listen and understand before we design a solution for your specific needs. We use a variety of techniques including structured interviews, diagnostic surveys, 360s and profiling tools to understand how organisations and people work. We identify critical issues and performance opportunities then feedback our insights with honesty. We may tell you what you don’t want to hear, but we will tell you! Our diagnostic capability helps us target the right interventions at the right place.


    • Accurate insights into how your organisation performs
    • Better understanding of factors critical to success
    • Working with clarity about organisational strengths, attitudes and assumptions about change
    • We can help you to prioritise development opportunities
    • Accurate insights help us to plan and target interventions
  • Developing Critical Skills

    We help managers develop critical skills, knowledge and behaviour to keep pace with change. Read more …...

    Delivering critical skills and competencies required by effective managers When we really understand your unique set of challenges we often find that managers need to acquire additional skills, knowledge and behaviour to keep pace with change. This might include topics like:

    • Operating effectively in highly networked environments
    • Building strong stakeholder relationships
    • Leading dispersed teams
    • Personal impact and presentation
    • Coaching for performance
    • Problem solving and creative thinking
    • Conflict management
    • Running more productive meetings
    • Negotiation
    • Project management for non-project managers

    Leading Change develops, delivers and sources tailored development programmes to improve organisational capability. Our portfolio of management development programmes are provided by in-house consultants, associates and trusted partners who can meet specific needs in a number of areas related to business performance.


    • Sourcing ad hoc management development needs through a trusted provider
    • Consultant expertise to tailor and validate content for your business
    • The ability to blend programmes to suit your needs
    • High impact content provided by expert team and individual facilitators
  • Operational Rehearsal

    We design and deliver programmes to rehearse and pressure-test your plans in a realistic operational environment before deployment. Read more …...

    Every organisation needs confidence that their plans will work in the real world Operational rehearsal is to the process of creating realistic ‘off-line’ environments in which strategic plans can be rehearsed before deployment. It’s a key part of operational readiness, but often overlooked. Well designed operational rehearsal replicates realistic, changing environments your plans will face from launch. It provides a great opportunity for your key teams to come together to rehearse their agility and ability to make decisions, adapt and learn in a safe environment. This allows you to discover quickly what is really happening, how your strategy is working and what needs to be done to fine tune it.


    • Plans are better aligned to strategic intent
    • Build confidence of teams implementing your plans
    • Validate assumptions and better understanding of risks
    • Practice at devolved decision-making
    • Improved ability to adapt
  • Public Speaking

    Mark’s keynotes engage and motivate audiences around the challenge of strategy execution in today's world. Read more …...

    Mark Bouch is available as a keynote speaker for your important leadership events. His perspective is based on 35 years of experience operational leadership and strategic planning roles with a second career in consulting. His expertise is strategy execution, change leadership and leadership team development. His approach is pragmatic and based around simple positive things that leaders can do to be more effective at leading success in today’s increasingly complex environment. Typical speaking topics:

    • Leadership challenges in today’s turbulent environment.
    • The power of intent: distributing leadership throughout your organisation
    • Preparing people for change
    • Powering up teamwork

    Mark is a well-prepared authoritative speaker who will travel (almost) anywhere but delivers keynotes in English. Mark’s keynote addresses may be standalone events or he will design and facilitate an integrated experiential strategy to action workshop. Watch a short 2 minute excerpt from Mark’s presentation here: Mark Bouch speaking at IGD Leading Edge 2018 “Mark supported our 2018 personal development annual conference to over 500 delegates, with his presentation on Leading through change – his knowledge and professionalism certainly resonated with the audience” “Mark is current, commanding, and gives easy to use, practical ideas that will work! Watched him engage a tough audience numbering nearly 500 delegates…. he rocked it!”


    • Acknowledged expert in strategy execution
    • Experienced cost-effective speaker
    • Practitioner not a theorist
    • Common-sense advice

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