Everything we do is focused on helping you achieve results. We always aim to exceed expectations. We let nothing stand in the way of high performance. We are the catalyst to improve your results. 

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with clients. We will challenge and support you in equal measure. We implement approaches,tools and confidence to sustain performance long after we leave.

Leading Change bridges the gap between what
you want to achieve and your ability to make it happen. We work with senior
teams to clarify their strategy and make positive changes to improve their
capability to implement it.

Strategy Execution is our focus.We help leaders and organisations adapt to operate effectively in dynamic, complex environments.
We get your organisation pulling in one direction. Practical application matters, so we deliver solutions which work in the real world.

Welcome to Leading Change

Leading Change helps organisations to  liberate the potential of their strategy and people in order to deliver more valuable results.

Strategy to action

Strategy has no value unless you can execute it. We ensure you have a coherent strategy everyone understands, then we build meaningful connections between the strategy, people and operations.

Leading Change

Winning organisations need operating models in which people are empowered and able to give their best. We develop highly adaptive leaders who can re-define the future and lead people towards it.

Winning Teams

We have never met a team unable to raise the quality of the teamwork. We use simple and intuitive tools to develop team functionality so they can find solutions to their performance challenges.

What our clients say

"True ROI may be in the order of 50:1 or so. In any event this must be one of the most cost-effective interventions on our business"


"Art of Action made a massive impact on the motivation and understanding of the participants and a successful start to the development of an effective operating model within Vifor"

-Vifor Pharma

"Leading Change supported us to engage leaders and colleagues by making the new institute’s strategy, meaningful, achievable and worth achieving. This strategy, Discovery without Boundaries, will enable us to shape the future understanding of disease and health"

-The Francis Crick Institute

"This is one of the most productive business development/change programmes I have been on during my career to date... and a step change from years of dysfunctional behaviour. I would recommend this programme to colleagues"

-Compass Group

"They take time to really get under the skin of the business and its people and have been influential in driving focus and change through leadership training and structured vision/objective setting programmes"


"They brought immense clarity to a very complex and politically charged program, helped us view pros and cons in an objective way, enabled us to prioritise what matters and what does not and instil laser sharp focus on delivery"


"The collaborative approach you adopted and the professionalism and intelligence you displayed were exemplary. Thank you again for your hard work in helping us deliver what I am sure will be an immensely successful Games this summer. Leading Change have played an important role in making it work"

-London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority

Leading Change is about making things happen. We help clients to make positive changes which have a long-term impact on their business results. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of our consultant community we are able to select the best talent for every task, every time.

What we do has the greatest impact in dynamic environments where organisations need to accept uncertainty and change in order to develop new competencies, capabilities, products and markets.

Please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.