Our expert design and facilitation enables the delivery of high impact meetings and events that engage people and move teams forward.

Delivering powerful events that engage people and move teams forward

Great meetings

Many leadership teams lack sufficient quality time together to reflect and plan, so every discussion must add value. But too often, operational issues fill agendas and people feel let down by the outcome of critical offsites and meetings. There can be many reasons: meeting planning, meeting management, outcomes not delivered, too much conflict, lack of decisions, unproductive debate… the list goes on.

High impact conferences

Leading Change is very experienced at building and managing high impact conferences and workshops that have immense power to connect your organisation to the future. We coordinate the activities of in-house staff, production, logistics and events agencies to make conferences memorable while maintaining strong connections to your business objectives. We design workouts, problem-solving and team development activities. We build high energy events involving your staff at all stages of design and delivery.

Our Conferencing Capability

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Great meetings

  • Well planned and facilitated meetings help you to turn ambition into action
  • Great discussions about the things that matter will help you to isolate key issues and reach important decisions
  • Our expertise in planning and facilitating key leadership team meetings will promote healthy conflict and debate to help you reach productive meeting outcomes
  • We deliver clear agendas combined with a relaxed and ‘expert’ facilitation style that balances challenge and support to deliver meaningful discussion

High impact conferences

  • Rapid engagement and alignment of large groups of people
  • Effective strategic communication that remains connected to business objectives
  • Strategic communication translating your business objectives into clear, simple and impactful messages
  • Fun, challenge and experiential activity (where appropriate)
  • Our conferences connect with people so they leave stimulated, refreshed, informed, consulted and engaged

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