OK. The world feels a bit dysfunctional. We can’t change that on our own, but we can help you deliver strategic programmes critical to your success.

All our clients tell us delivering strategic change programmes is tough, so we’ve aimed our solutions around building resilient and successful delivery teams.

Addressing the tough issues associated with strategic programme delivery Strategic projects usually form the building blocks of a change programme. You can’t afford to lose the value inherent in these programmes, but so often they fail to deliver. Despite extensive investment in project management techniques, many initiatives and cross-functional teams stubbornly refuse to deliver expected results on time or within budget. Some projects stumble along long after they should have been killed off.

There are no ‘soft’ issues around strategic change programmes. The toughest issues typically involve clarity, alignment, planning and decision-making, engagement, change communication, team effectiveness and results management. We won’t take over projects and manage them for you. Our extensive knowledge of programme and project management disciplines combined with our experience of building robust plans and high-performing teams helps us to build your capability to deliver strategic programmes. As always, our aim is to build capability, support it to stand on its own feet, then leave. We won’t even attend your Christmas party unless invited!


  • A proven track record in facilitating project team kick-off and performance reviews
  • Improved team dynamics focused on the delivery of results
  • Highly experienced team and individual coaching for key project managers
  • Proven approaches to engage ‘virtual’ or remote teams
  • Expertise in change leadership and change communications
  • Experienced advisers on action learning programmes

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