We published this article in TrainingZone in April 2019.  In today’s business environment change truly is a constant. Most of us have little control over change, but we expect the need for organisations and people to continually adapt and adopt change to continue, so we all need to start accelerating the pace at which we accept change.

Research by McKinsey & Co identified direct correlation between the level of project success and a factor they call ‘change adoption’. As organisational leaders we need to get smarter at making change adoption an integral part of our lives, so we waste less time and energy on it.  In the words of Justin Trudeau “The pace of change has never been this fast, and it will never be this slow again”.

Our article shared some ideas on preparing for change in the future:

  • Leaders must design change solutions for an uncertain world
  • We must increase the focus on change leadership
  • Leadership must not be left to change teams – it is everyone’s responsibility.

As leaders, we had better get used to changing fast, or evolution will leave us behind!