Pfizer Global R&D asked Leading Change for help to address problems faced by development project teams. One of these teams was responsible for developing a new drug product REVATIO® which promised hope for sufferers of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.


The prevailing culture in PGRD did not help project teams to get their important work done. Team Leaders had responsibility but little power and encountered many consequential frustrations with limited influence and constraints placed on their decision-making.


We developed a novel strategy to action programme for UK-based Development Teams helped the team to redefine their high-level goal and revealed some misaligned assumptions and non-productive activity.

Teams conducted a simple analysis of what they needed to deliver and why. They made decisions and prioritised activity with a clear sense of overall purpose and intent. We used experiential development to reinforce ‘empowered’ and ‘empowering’ behaviours the team needed to develop and coached them to identify and deal with perceived constraints to their freedom to operate.


An independent return on investment audit assessed the value derived from the accelerated delivery and early filing to be as high as $20m based on monthly sales of $7m. Attributing a conservative 10% to the business impact of the mission-based intervention consultancy intervention, the review concluded that true RoI was in the order of 50:1.

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